The Turf services we are currently providing are aerification,vertical mowing, sweeping, top dressing and
seeding. As well as sod and landscape installations. We can also assist in planning with all of these services in addition to mowing, irrigation, fertilization and fungicide, herbicide, pesticide applications on an annual basis.

All Turf services we provide are priced based on the needs of each client. We know that budgets are tight, yet we also know the importance of having safe playing fields for all athletes, today and for the future. We are able to be flexible with our confidential pricing to help fit your facilities needs.

Chris and I would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your turf grass or landscaping needs.


Aerification is vital in helping control soil compaction. Compacted soil is not conducive for deep healthy roots and a strong, consistent playing surface. Core, slicing, solid-tine and multi-tine are all forms of aerifying and each in their own way, play a great roll in maintaining healthy, strong, safe playing fields. This is a multi-application service using all three forms based on schedule and timing of field use.


Verticutting is essential during the growing season for helping control thatch. If not controlled, thatch creates a very strong, non permeable layer between the surface area and the roots. A heavy thatch layer does not allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots. All of those are vital in plant health and rejuvenation. This is also a multi-application service based on field use.


Top Dressing is the application of sand following core aerification and some vertical mowing. The sand fills core holes and allows for more air, water and nutrients to reach the root system during the growing season. It also aides infighting compaction in heavy soils, helps with drainage, and creates a smooth, even surface for better playing conditions. This is a multi-application service based on field needs.


Seeding is the process of over seeding a playing field with a blend of perennial rye grass to allow for a smooth, consistent and safe playing surface during the cool months when the warm season grass is in a dormant state.


Sweeping is basically the clean up of aerification plugs and vertical mowing sprigs and shoots to help maintain a smooth, consistent playing surface.


Storm debris recovery is a service we provide that helps speed the clean up process for golf courses. Our manpower and equipment allow the golf course superintendent and his staff the opportunity to open their course for member and/or public play in a timely manner.